On this episode, Cornelius Lindsey discussed his experiences with church leadership and manipulation.

National Courageous Conversations 2018 Part IV: Gospel Preaching with Dr. Teresa Fry Brown, Dr. Frank Thomas, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Dr. Kim Credit.

National Courageous Conversations 2018 Part III: Exclusivity vs Inclusivity with Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Dr. Brianna Parker, Dr. Vince Bantu, and Jonathan Bennett.

National Courageous Conversations 2018 Part II: Paul vs Jesus with Dr. Angela Parker, Dr. Delman Coates, Dr. Dennis Edwards, and Dr. Esau Mccaulley.

National Courageous Conversations 2018 Part I: The Authority of Scripture with Dr. Renita Weems, Dr. Carl Ellis, Dr. Judy Fentress Williams, and Dr. Luke Bobo.

On this episode, Darryl Ford discussed the trauma he experienced in church and how he is working through it.

On this episode, Dr. Monique Gadson discussed Meagan Good's comments about church attendance, church hurt and what the church can do better.

On this episode, Dr. Walter A. McCray discussed how he has engaged the conscious community for over 50 years, his legendary books on the black presence in the bible and racial reconciliation.

On this episode, Lisa Fields discussed the topics for Courageous Conversations 2019, handling criticism and the importance of civil discourse.

On this episode, we discuss the death and resurrection of Jesus through the lens of the black experience in America.

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