On this episode, Bishop Emilio Alvarez discussed Afro-Latino, Pentecostalism and black religions.

On this episode, BJ Thompson discussed what we could learn from Boomerang on BET, church hurt and engaging black millennials. 

On this episode, Marcus Jerkins discussed the black presence in the New Testament.

On this episode, Brian "B. Dot" Miller discussed hip hop and his faith.

On this episode, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin discussed the Gospel, salvation, orthopraxy, urban apologetics, economic empowerment, and the body of Christ.

 On this episode, Dr. Jamal Hopkins discussed Hebrew Israelites, black identity and the King James Version of the Bible with guest host, Cam Triggs.
One correction: “Erasmus’ manuscript collection were the Greek New Testament manuscripts (not Hebrew) translated from Latin.” -Jamal-Dominique Hopkins

On this episode, Laura Swan discussed her book "The Forgotten Desert Mothers" and early African Church mothers.

On this episode, Jemar Tisby discussed his new book "The Color of Compromise".

On this episode, Dr. Monique Gadson discussed the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries and what the church can learn.

On this episode, Dr. Peter Williams discussed his new book "Can We Trust the Gospels?".

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